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Latin Shoes (XTC7) Adult by TOTALDANCEWEAR


Latin shoes Totaldancewear – XTC7

Latin shoes with 2,5″ (6.35cm) heel.

Wonderful design of Latin women’s shoes, which are very comfortable, made by the company Totaldancewear. They have a great design with knots on the front that make the shoe special and very elegant.

Very popular and comfortable Latin-salsa shoes!

The most important element of your outfit, when preparing for a dance, is your shoes. It depends on how comfortable your feet will feel and how well they will behave. If you wear the right shoes for each occasion, your dance development will be much faster. If you wear the wrong shoes during practice, this will definitely create a problem in your technique and dance style and of course it will make it difficult for you to balance and turn. You will also get tired and possibly create a problem in your legs. It is easy to find exactly what you need for a beautiful, comfortable and enjoyable dance start.

These shoes are designed to facilitate dancing and make dancers’ movements easier. Simply , you are not going to see a professional or high level dancer dancing wearing sneakers, whether he is in training or on a show.

Dance shoes are the most important accessory that a professional or non-dancer must have in order to be able to dance all kinds witho

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